Get involved in the Blogosphere Awards 2023!

The Judges – Blogosphere Awards

We have an expert judging panel for the Blogosphere Awards of industry leaders who bring to the table an overwhelming amount of knowledge and expertise of the influencer space. Individually they will go through the shortlist and select their winner for each category. This will be pooled together with the other judges and weighted against the public vote.

The overall winner from each category will be announced at a spectacular ceremony in London on the 22nd September 2022.

Dom Smales
Dom Smales – Investor, Founder and Former CEO of Gleam Futures

Dom Smales – Investor, Founder and Former CEO of Gleam Futures

Dom Smales is the Founder and former CEO of Gleam Futures, a talent management company that has managed over 160 creators and entertainers since 2010.

Gleam Futures was the first and is the biggest management company in the world specialising in taking ‘digital first’ talent and developing them in television, publishing, licensing, brands and film.
Mrs Hinch, Zoe Sugg (Zoella), Pixiwoo and Marcus Butler are just a few of the names Gleam Futures has helped on their career journey.

Dom has now exited entirely Gleam Futures and is exploring and founding new businesses around the creator economy. 

Vanessa Vyapooree – Director of Get Stuff Done

Vanessa is the Director of Get Stuff Done, which helps businesses from strategy to execution for their corporate events. Get Stuff Done also represents exceptional black and brown content creators through talent management.

Previously Vanessa worked as a Director for Mind and Matter and spent over 6 years working for the Haymarket Media Group in various roles including Sponsorship Manager.

Vanessa Vyapooree
Vanessa Vyapooree, Director of Get Stuff Done
Rupa Shah
Rupa Shah, Founder of Hashtag Ad Consulting

Rupa Shah – Founder of Hashtag Ad Consulting

Rupa Shah is the Founder of Hashtag Ad Consulting.

Hashtag Ad Consulting helps influencer marketers and online and video brands comply with advertising standards & regulations and, in particular, the rules on transparency & disclosure.

As a key author of the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code Guidance and with the insider knowledge that comes from a 13-year career with the ASA, Hashtag Ad Consulting is uniquely placed to help creators, brands and businesses interpret and apply ASA and FTC rulings.

Nik Speller – Group Commercial Director at Influencer

Nik Speller is the Group Commercial Director at Influencer, who build meaningful relationships between brands and creators.

Nik joined Influencer at 2018 as the Head of Campaigns and was interviewed on Blogosphere’s podcast, Serious Influence. Nik, who is known for his strong stance on combatting influencer fraud, talks to Alice on the podcast about budgets, the importance of ‘narratives’ in influencer marketing… and his predictions for the industry.

Nik Speller
Nik Speller, Group Commercial Director at Influencer
Alice Audley - Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Blogosphere Magazine
Alice Audley, Founder and CEO of Blogosphere

Alice Audley – Founder and CEO of Blogosphere

Alice Audley is the Founder and CEO of Blogosphere. She set up the business in 2013, which started as a magazine to curate the online world, and has been at the helm as Blogosphere expanded into events, launched its podcast and built out its influencer network.

Alice has interviewed the likes of Zoe Sugg, Casey Neistat, Lorna Luxe, Dina Tokio, Fun For Louis and Lydia Millen in the magazine, and the likes of Sir Martin Sorrell, Ogilvy, Facebook, Edelman, Gleam, MediaCom and The7Stars in the podcast. Her relationships with both influencers and influencer marketers give her a unique perspective on the industry and where it’s heading. 

Before Blogosphere, Alice worked on the features desk of the Daily Telegraph.