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The Blogosphere Network

Blogosphere: bringing accountability to influencer marketing

It’s time to bring a human touch to the influencer industry and build a platform that champions the brands & influencers doing it right

If you’re an influencer who is passionate about the content you create and are looking to be noticed by brands (and us!) then you’re in the right place.

Blogosphere started in 2013 as a magazine that curated the best bits of the blogging world. Our brand has developed over the past five years, and in addition to our magazine, which features interviews with influencers, we also run events and produce an industry podcast – Blogosphere: Serious Influence.

We have interviewed a lot of people from both sides of the industry over the years and noticed lots of pain points for brands and influencers! We are passionate about the influencer industry and seeing it develop into a fair space – where authentic, talented and honest creators are taken seriously.

So, last year we decided we wanted to build a technology platform too.

The Blogosphere Network is a platform where brands AND influencers can feedback – and rate each other – on what it was actually like to work with each other.

To celebrate and champion those doing the best campaigns – so others can learn from them! A place to be proud of your branded content.

We also use it when looking for people to feature in the magazine.

Not only do we select a member of our Network to interview in each issue, we also pick our favourite bloggers from the Network to feature in #InTheSpotlight, which is where we reveal our ten picks here on our blog and then choose three to interview for the magazine.

So if you want the opportunity to get noticed by brands or be interviewed for the magazine, sign up below.