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Catching up with Stephanie Yeboah – Blogger of The Year Winner, Blogosphere Awards 2019

Well it’s almost time for the nominations to open so we thought it would be a perfect time to catchup with some of our winners from last year and see what they’ve been up to since winning a Blogosphere Award.

Starting with… Stephanie Yeboah!

Stephanie Yeboah, Nerd About Town, in Blogosphere Magazine

Stephanie Yeboah

What have you been up to since winning Blogger of the Year at the Blogosphere Awards 2019?

Since winning Blogger of the Year, I’ve been signed with a management agency which is going incredibly well! I have also been concentrating on creating more travel content, as well as focusing on the journalism aspect of things, and I also signed a book deal with Hardy Grant for my first book, ‘Fattily Ever After’ which will be coming out in September 2020.

What do you love or enjoy most about a community event like the Blogosphere Awards?

One of my favourite things about the awards is seeing all the people I’ve followed online for years for the first time. Often times, it feels like you’ve known the person forever, even though you’ve never met. It’s a great way for everyone to catch up and to celebrate each others’ achievements for the year!

Do you think winning the award has helped you in any way? Perhaps achieving a goal or increased productivity?

I think it definitely put a bit of a pep in my step, considering I was due to stop blogging permanently a few weeks beforehand. It’s definitely made me want to strive for more professionally, and knowing that people like my content is incredibly motivating! On another level also, it’s also reassuring to know that on an industry-standard, you are respected!

Why do you think people should nominate themselves or their peers in the Blogosphere Awards 2020?

I think it’s a great opportunity to get your voice, message or content out there to a greater audience, especially if you’ve been working extremely hard on your content throughout the year! The awards are a celebration, first and foremost, so it’s an opportunity to show your influencer peers how highly you regard their work!

What are your plans and aspirations for 2020?

This year I’ve been focussed on the upcoming release of my book ‘Fattily Ever After’, which is coming out in September, which is incredibly exciting! I’m also doing a lot more writing on the journalism side, and I’ll also be making a return to blogging more frequently, as well as getting into photography a lot more!

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