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Stephanie Swan (Blogosphere Member of the Month – April)

Every month, we select one member of the Blogosphere Community to be  celebrated through our blog, social media and newsletter. 

Our #MemberOfTheMonth for April 2021 is… Stephanie Swan.

Why did you decide to set up a beauty blog?

I started blogging to share honest reviews and photos of beauty products so people could see how a product truly performs on real skin. With so many highly retouched and misleading images used in the beauty industry, it’s almost impossible to know what a product will actually look like on real people in real life. For so long I chased an unattainable beauty standard and wondered what was wrong with me when the product didn’t look anything like how it did on the model.

What’s your favourite social media platform to share content on?

Pinterest is definitely my favourite platform to share content – it’s like Instagram and Google had the perfect baby. Your images and videos are easily searchable and discoverable without needing a large number of followers. Pinterest is where I have the highest engagement rate and most of my blog traffic is from people clicking through from my pins.

Why and how did you come up with #EmpowerEmboldenElevate?

When creating content, my focus is always on how I can bring value to people; I want to help empower, embolden or elevate their experience of the beauty world in some way. I hope to create a community of like-minded beauty lovers who can find each other by using the #EmpowerEmboldenElevate across social media platforms.

With many people working and staying home, do you have any tips for a quick and easy beauty routine at home?

For a beauty routine that makes you feel good in a flash, pick 3 to 5 of your favourite products or steps in your routine. I feel my best when I wear mascara, brush up my brows with clear brow gel and use a tinted lip balm on my lips and cheeks. Some people would choose a foundation and bronzer, others may prefer eyeliner and lipstick – there is no right or wrong, do whatever makes you feel like your best self!

How can the Blogosphere Community best serve you in 2021?

I’ve really enjoyed Blogosphere’s online training and events in 2020 and would love to see more focus on this in future! I’ve struggled with chronic illness and being housebound since 2016, so the accessibility and emphasis on community and connection has been wonderful and so greatly appreciated.

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