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Silencing your inner critic with Charlotte Jonsie – Event recap

On Thursday 27th August we invited Charlotte Jonsie to present a talk on ‘silencing your inner critic’. The outcome of the day was to provide a strategy to embrace and overcome your inner critic and build up your self confidence. Jonsie is a life coach and motivational speaker whilst also beginning her journey in Motherhood.  

What led Jonsie to be in a position to guide others through these challenges was a stream of events that raised her awareness to her inner critic. This is where she realised the indispensable value of embracing your inner critic, realising it is a part of everyday life and learning how to turn it into a positive and constructive experience. 

During the talk Jonsie set exercises to reveal to the audience what their inner critic sounds like and how it can become a problem. To help the audience she provided tools and techniques to recognise this voice and take control. You can find the tools and techniques listed on a document here, it is important to both Blogosphere and Jonsie that the information shared on this day is accessible to those that are looking for it. 

Our inspiration to bring Jonsie in came from the feedback from our community and event attendees. This style of event is a new venture we are exploring at Blogosphere in our endeavours to build and support our followers journey’s of self esteem and growth. As well as smaller events that are exploring the attributes of companies that are a part of the Blogosphere Network. The best way to keep up to date with these new upcoming events to join our community where you also receive a 50% discount! 

Ps. If you are a Community Member, you can catchup on the workshop within the Community Hub here.