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In This Issue

We're back with another issue, this time featuring the fabulous Lorna Luxe. It was a delight interviewing Lorna for the December issue. Best-known for her Instagram account, Lorna has had quite the year! Sell out collections with In The Style, featuring in a BBC documentary… not to mention winning ‘Best Influencer Brand Campaign’ at the Blogosphere Awards. She has been non-stop.

Indeed, as you’ll read in the cover interview, Lorna takes working to a whole new level. She only sleeps four to five hours a night, has a daily screen time of 16 hours, and is a self-professed ‘workaholic’. She doesn’t condone her behaviour and doesn’t advise people to emulate it, but it does show - it seems - what has to go into making it big in the influencer industry nowadays.

Also within this issue, we have an interview with Nimi Blackwell, Gemma Mason of Superdrug and Love Disfigure. Our ‘in conversation with…’ this issue features the founder of Sixteenth Talent Danny Lowney and influencer Gabriel Sey. Features include a look into busting Instagram myths, how to make your social channels accessible and why community over competition will always win in the long run. And as always, there’s much more for you to explore!