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Blogosphere magazine is a high-quality print publication about the influencer industry.

Split into ten main sections (each edited by an influential blogger): beauty, fashion, food, fitness, travel, lifestyle, parenting, business, books and photography, Blogosphere magazine is a curated directory of the best bits of the blogging and social media world.

In addition to its staple sections, Blogosphere contains exclusive features  from a range of bloggers every issue. Interviews, how-tos, profiles and first person pieces, there’s really something for everyone. Every issue of Blogosphere has a bespoke interview with an internet personality, our cover star. The interview is a 12-page spread, complete with exclusive photography and behind the scenes video.

So, whether you’re an aspiring blogger, a blogger, or simply interested in getting a grasp on the social media world, well, then Blogosphere is the magazine for you!

In This Issue

We're back with a bumper issue of Blogosphere magazine - 194 pages!

Issue 21 stars Suzie Bonaldi of Hello October, our Influencer of the Year 2019. Suzie talks about finally being her authentic self online, the struggles she has faced in her personal life and how she wants to be an ally and help improve brands’ use of diverse creators within their campaigns.

Also within this issue, you'll find an interview with Michelle Elman, of Scarred not Scared, who talks about activism, body positivity and the importance of knowing your worth as a creator. We speak to MakeupbyTammi about collaborations with brands, press trips and how to grow on Instagram. Our ‘in conversation with…’ features Mr Carrington and Luke Catleugh who discuss and competitiveness, comparison and content evolution. And we chat with all of our #BlogosphereAwards2019 winners!

Features include advice on rebranding when moving across the globe, the importance of switching off from your device, and top tips on choosing your WordPress host.