Issue 14 (ebook)


196 pages! Blogosphere has grown yet again. It’s normally a struggle to fit the magazine’s offerings into this editor’s note, but now it’s going to be nigh impossible.

The reason for expanding? We needed extra pages to interview the winners of our Blogosphere Blog Awards. Back in June, we hosted our inaugural awards and celebrated the hard work and talent of bloggers over a range of categories: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, fitness, arts & crafts, books, photography, food, travel, community and finally the ‘Blogger of the year’.

The prize for the latter was this magazine’s cover, and it was won (as you will already have seen) by the one and only Hannah Gale.
Hannah, whose blog is renowned for its quality prose, speaks to us about engagement vs following, relatability and her thoughts on motherhood in her interview on page 26. The pictures, taken in Hitchin Lavender by Alexandra Cameron, are absolutely stunning.

In this issue, we also speak to writer and YouTuber Connie Glynn – aka Noodlerella – about society’s obsession with defining sexuality, changing her online content and why her book series, The Rosewood Chronicles, will be her life’s work (p110).

On page 7, Arron Crascall opens up about life as a Facebook comedian and his battles with anxiety and panic attacks. It’s a powerful read.
You can find fitness sensations Leon Bustin and John Chapman, of The Lean Machines, in conversation on page 134. The duo speak candidly about working together, the pressures that come with being role models and the importance of both physical and mental health.

Jordan Bone speaks to us about diversity, living with quadriplegia and the power of following your dreams on page 64. And on page 88, we have an interview with L’Oreal Social Brand Manager Charlotte Jonsie, who talks about working with bloggers, professionalism and what she predicts for the influencer industry.

We also have an interview with Jamie Windust, of LBGTQIA+ blog Leopard Print Elephant, who talks to us about gender fluidity, community and hate crimes (p155).

Features include a look into the life of ‘Instagram husbands’ by Joe Galvin (p94), how to build long-term relationships with brands by Caroline Elvin (p72), an investigation into the increase in mob mentality online by AlbertineSarah (p188), and on page 77 XOmisse gives us a round-up of the best WordPress plugins on the market.

So, yes, there’s plenty of material to keep you going (and I haven’t even managed to cover it all) until the December issue. See you then! X

Issue 23

Issue 23 of Blogosphere is here! It features the incredible Nikki Lilly, who is not only our cover star but also our FIRST EVER guest editor-in-chief!

This issue is jam-packed with amazing interviews - all picked by Nikki. Amongst the pages, you will find Chessie King, MakeupJunkieG, Anastasia Kingsnorth and Click For Taz.

We also have articles on SEO advice, how cookies impact your site, using your influence for good, and the importance of authentic diversity within influencer campaigns.

Plus lots more! We hope that you enjoy this very special issue, and a massive thanks to Nikki for being such a wonderful cover star and editor-in-chief!