issue 12 (print)


We don’t purposefully theme our issues of Blogosphere, but this one feels like it has a political edge. Whether mainstream or within the blogging industry itself, politics de nitely lies within this issue’s pages.

Our cover interview is with Dina Torkia: the hijabi blogger better-known by her social media nom de plume Dina Tokio. We met the 27-year-old the week after Donald Trump had decided to sign an executive order halting immigrants from a variety of Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

In the interview, you’ll find her views on that divisive decision as well as her thoughts on how social media has opened up the political conversation. Dina also discusses how the online world has enabled her to get out there and show what being a young British female Muslim can mean – happy, free, funny and with fashion sense. Turn to page 36 to find out more.

In this issue, we also speak to Paul Staines (p114), who founded the UK’s biggest political blog Guido Fawkes back in 2004. The site currently receives an average of 100,000 hits a day and is a source of fear for many of the country’s MPs (it has even caused politicians to resign) – something which Staines rather enjoys.

We experimented with a new style of feature this issue, too, where we gave two social media stars some talking points and left them in a room with a Dictaphone running… Then we transcribed it and if you turn to page 20 you’ll see their exact conversation. The first two stars whose chat we have captured are the lovely Amelia Liana and Hello October. Definitely dip into that! And let us know on Twitter (@BlogosphereM) who you’d like to see in conversation next…

Other features include an investigation into why having a following of 10,000 (when you get that magic ‘K’) seems to be becoming more and more important within the blogosphere (p107), which apps are the best for making some money from your social accounts (p51), and an ultimate guide to web-hosting (p140). There’s plenty more to explore in the 164-page magazine (and a 32-page events supplement), but a quick shout-out to the Farouk James interview (p7) and the Sophie Hannah Richardson interview (p86).

We hope that you enjoy the magazine!

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