issue 11 (print)


This edition of Blogosphere has a 12-page interview with Zoë Sugg (Zoella), who talks about the highs and lows of her phenomenal social media career. We decided to focus on the part of her character that is often overlooked elsewhere – the 26-year-old businesswoman. It’s an inspiring read and she shares some fascinating insights into her passions, principles and personal progression. The pictures are also utterly beautiful (thanks Alexandra Cameron)!

This issue, we also have an interview with Adrian Bliss (p7), who explains the inspiration behind his satirical YouTube series and shares his insights on the online world. On page 58, Carly Rowena talks about her experiences with the clean eating movement and her battles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. In addition, you can find interviews with artist and illustrator Ella Masters (p78), photographer Linda Blacker (p118) and dating and relationships blogger Vix Meldrew (p134).

Our features include an investigation into why the mainstream press continue to see blogging as an 'amateur' profession (p14), the importance of diversifying your income streams as a blogger (p84), and the power of 'no' (p138). We also meet the coders behind Britain's best blogs (p95), explore tax rules for influencers (p107) and take a look at why Brighton is such a hub for social media stars (p31). Plus, as usual, much more!

We hope that you enjoy the magazine!

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