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Nominations for the Blogosphere Awards are now open!!

That’s right, you heard us!

Nominations are now open for the Blogosphere Awards 2020…

  • Open worldwide, you do not have to be UK based
  • You do not have to nominate in every category
  • You can nominate yourself for an award
  • No minimum follower requirement to be nominated
  • You will not be shortlisted based on the number of nominations you have
  • Nominations close on March 1st

The influencer categories include Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Parenting, Health and Fitness, Book, Photography, Food, Travel, Instagrammer, TikTok, Vlogger, Blogger, Podcast, Blogosphere Network Member and Blogosphere Influencer.

The brand categories include Fashion Influencer Brand Campaign, Beauty Influencer Brand Campaign, Lifestyle Influencer Brand Campaign, Parenting Influencer Brand Campaign, Fitness Influencer Brand Campaign, Food Influencer Brand Campaign, Travel Influencer Brand Campaign, Talent Management Company, Influencer Marketing/Outreach Company and Influencer Brand Campaign.

Go, go, go!