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A catchup from the Blogosphere team

January is never the best of months (vitamin d levels depleted), but normally it does give us the sense of new beginnings, of resolutions, and the chance to set new goals.

As a content creator, this is often a new schedule, a new platform, resurging the blog, building up the Instagram following, starting to use reels, carving out a space on TikTok… but if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that plans don’t always go to… well… plan.

Ostensibly, we still have access to be creating – that’s the great thing about the creator industry: we’re already digital. We can create from our bedrooms.

But when the world grinds to a halt, things close down around us, and we can no longer go out and see places or people, it’s actually rather hard to create. For being a creative relies on inspiration. And there hasn’t been a lot of inspiration around recently…

Don’t beat yourself up is what we’re saying. Getting through each day is an achievement in itself. Don’t feel like creating? Have a look at what you can repurpose. Look through your archives. Could you add some affiliates to existing content?

Create your branded portfolio on the Blogosphere Network

Look at what you’ve achieved in the past, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to achieve in the moment. You’ve heard it before plenty of times, but these really are unprecedented times! (queue most popular email intro of 2020!)

We haven’t really pushed our recently, but heeding our own advice we’ve been thinking that it could just be the remedy to that ‘bleurgh’ feeling that most seem to be experiencing at the moment.

It’s not about creating new content, it’s a place where you can compile a portfolio of things you’ve already done. It might just be the feel-good exercise you didn’t know you needed today!

Are you proud of some branded work you’ve done? Pop it onto your page and ask for feedback from the brand you worked with! There’s nothing like a testimonial to put a pep back into your step.

Here are just some of what brands have said about people they’ve worked with (on their Blogosphere Network pages):

“Lottie was very professional, creative with the brief provided and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”

– Wriggle

​“Working with Summer was one of the best Influencer experiences. She is a true professional and a delight to work with. Her product and lifestyle images & video were of high quality. She let her charming personality shine and that’s what made the campaign more authentic. I would definitely work with Summer again with the new Bellevue Collection.”

– Bellevue

​“Bukola makes beautiful content, but is also very punctual, flexible when needed, and very friendly.”

– Gaston Luga

We spend so much time looking forward and about all the new things we want to achieve, sometimes we just need to take a breather, and take a step back and look at the things we’ve already done.

If you fancy spending the day looking at what you’ve achieved and putting that into one place, then please do apply to become a member of our

​We will be looking over applications this week 🙂

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The Blogosphere Team