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Mummy Got Style (Blogosphere Member of the Month – November)

Every month, we select one member of the Blogosphere Community to be  celebrated through our blog, social media and newsletter. 

Our #MemberOfTheMonth for November 2020 is… Kam from Mummy Got Style.

What’s been your favourite experience to date as a personal stylist?

I have absolutely loved being a personal stylist, and over the years have helped so many women by helping them create the most suitable image by choosing clothes and accessories that fit their body types and individual needs.

There was a client of mine who was getting married but her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They wanted help finding all the outfits for the wedding celebrations including the mother of the bride outfit. Her mother had lost so much weight due to the treatment she was undergoing, and was mentally in a very dark place. I worked with both the mother and daughter, and over a period of time saw the mother’s confidence increase with my help and advice with her clothing. By the wedding day both clients were beaming and it gave me so much joy to know that I had helped them on that journey. It actually brought tears to my eyes and they were so thankful.  I have had many fantastic experiences as a personal stylist, but I think that has got to be one of my favourites. 

Why did you decide to set up your blog Mummy Got Style?

After having my third child, I’d left my coorporate job to be a SAHM because the childcare costs for 3 kids were just through the roof. But women would always randomly ask me where I got my clothes from, and say that they wish they had the confidence to wear certain clothes that I wore.

I found myself helping friends and family with their wardrobes, giving them style advice and even accompanying them clothes shopping, and I loved it. Then a friend of mine suggested that maybe I should train as a Personal Stylist, and at least I would have the flexibility to juggle my work around my family whilst doing something I love.

So that’s what I did. I’d blogged on and off previously, but once I started personal styling I really decided to go for it, and set up Mummy Got Style. I worked with real women, therefore wanted to use my blog to show mums in particular that just because you have a baby it doesn’t mean that you have to lose yourself, which is how I felt after having my kids.

I wanted to inspire women to embrace themselves through their clothing, and in many instances regain their self confidence and self worth, and find themselves again. Additionally, I wanted to use it as an outlet to talk about other issues to do with motherhood and raising kids.

What’s your favourite social media platform right now and why?

I love the whole versatility of Instagram. There are so many different tools within the app, which can offer a whole different dimension to the content you can create. In particular they have jumped on the TikTok vibe and most recently launched Instagram reels. I’ve watched some amazing ones but I’m yet to delve into reels. I myself have only scratched the surface with a couple of very basic reels that I have created, however I’m looking forward to familiarising myself and opening new doors with the content that can be created using them. 

How has mummy life been this year with lockdown?

Wow where do I start? Lol. Mummy life throughout lockdown with 4 kids of different ages (13, 10, 7 and 4 to be precise) has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

There have been highs and lows, my mummy hat has had to be on constantly as opposed to mostly. Time for myself has been near enough non existent, apart from when they’re all been in bed and I’ve squeezed in a cheeky glass of vino lol. 

My house has been a constant mess and I have realised many things including the fact that I would not make a great primary or secondary school teacher, and I truly take my hat off to all the teachers out there because it is far from easy!

However, it has allowed me to take a step back, re-evaluate life and see things from a different perspective. To actually have conversations and listen to my kids, whereas before I may have been too busy to! Spend more family time together, keep the kids spirits up and be thankful for my blessings.

Those conversations with my kids have also led me to think about things that I am doing, and my journey and purpose. I’ve always dreamed of starting my own clothing line, and with the help of my kids throughout lockdown that’s become a reality. My kids thought of the name Pink Runway, and we will be launching our new collections of Tween Girl’s and Womenswear this month. So light has come out of a very dark situation, but as with the rest of the world, as a family we are taking things day by day.

What would you like to see from the Blogosphere community in 2021?

I would really love to see another real life Blogosphere Event for 2021, as I truly love these events. I find them so insightful and a great way to meet other creatives in the blogging world. It’s always wonderful to see the Blogosphere team in person as they all do such an amazing job behind the scenes!! But as we know an event in person may or may not happen, but I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed! 

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