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Issue 22 – Interview with Lorna Luxe

Well if you haven’t seen the news before now, we’re delighted to let you know that issue 22 features the one and only Lorna Luxe!

That’s not the only exciting news however as with this issue we decided to do our first split cover series. So you get not one but THREE covers of Lorna.

When the pictures of Lorna Luxe landed we wanted to showcase such different sides to her personality. We’ve got regal elegance, badass business boss and soft, gentle beauty (and how cute does Boo the dog look, too?). Which is your favourite? Let us know.

It was a delight interviewing Lorna for the December issue. Best-known for her Instagram account, Lorna has had quite the year! Sell out collections with In The Style, featuring in a BBC documentary… not to mention winning ‘Best Influencer Brand Campaign’ at the Blogosphere Awards. She has been non-stop.

As you’ll read in the cover interview, Lorna takes working to a whole new level. She only sleeps four to five hours a night, has a daily screen time of 16 hours, and is a self-professed ‘workaholic’. She doesn’t condone her behaviour and doesn’t advise people to emulate it, but it does question – it seems – what has to go into making it big in the influencer industry nowadays. 

Lorna Luxe also featured on Blogosphere: Serious Influence (Series 2 Episode 6) where she discusses the importance of relationships and engaging with your community when building your brand, and her predictions for the influencer space.