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Catching up with Leela Jasmine Sule – Fitness Influencer of The Year Winner, Blogosphere Awards 2019

Well it’s almost time for the nominations to open so we thought it would be a perfect time to catchup with some of our winners from last year and see what they’ve been up to since winning a Blogosphere Award.

We started with Stephanie Yeboah, which you can read here.

Next up… Leela Jasmine Sule!

Leela Jasmine Sule

What have you been up to since winning Fitness Influencer of the Year at the Blogosphere Awards 2019?

It was such a great year! I definitely feel like winning acted as a turning point for me and gave me a boost to go on and jump for more things! For example, I’ve been working really hard on building my business; ‘Get Up & Grow Girl’ and have expanded from a one girl band, to taking on another trainer, which is exciting!

What do you love or enjoy most about a community event like the Blogosphere Awards?

The events just always have such a great vibe. I feel like people are always so open and warm, so it’s a great place to make connections! It’s not always the case at all events, so Blogosphere has a special tribe.

Do you think winning the award has helped you in any way? Perhaps achieving a goal or increased productivity?

Definitely! I would say its helped in two different veins; one by opening doors for me, as it gives you that bit more credibility having a title like that, and two; by boosting my self belief! I think a big part of what holds us back are our own limiting beliefs or self doubts, so when you get a boost of confidence, your life and prospects also blossom!

Why do you think people should nominate themselves or their peers in the Blogosphere Awards 2020?

I literally constantly think about how grateful I am to the person who nominated me! It can really act as catalyst for your favourite creator, (or yourself), so who wouldn’t want to do that for someone! In this industry, so many throw their heart and soul into what they do, so it’s just lovely to reward that. Just the nomination alone might give someone who’s feeling like giving up the boost they need to know that they are doing something great!

What are your plans and aspirations for 2020?

I’ve just launched an online self development platform for ambitious women called, ‘Get Schooled Girl’ so i’m super excited to see where that goes! With more plans for expansion this year too, i’m just looking forward to seeing that take root, so we can help more women get fit, happy and achieve their goals!

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