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Catching up with Katy English – Instagrammer of The Year Winner, Blogosphere Awards 2019

The nominations for the Blogosphere Awards 2020 are now open! We thought it would be a perfect time to catchup with some of our winners from last year and see what they’ve been up to since winning a Blogosphere Award.

We started with Stephanie Yeboah and Leela Jasmine Sule

Today we have… Katy English!

Miss Katy English

What have you been up to since winning Instagrammer of the Year at the Blogosphere Awards 2019?

I’ve mostly just been carrying on doing what I love best and creating content for Instagram! I’ve created good images and bad images, and have learned a lot about myself and my creative style. I’ve improved my Photoshop and storytelling skills, worked with some really excellent brands, and was honoured to speak several times at events about creativity on the platform. 

What do you love or enjoy most about a community event like the Blogosphere Awards?

How it reminds me I’m not alone! My job basically involves me shooting and editing photos at home on my own, and it can be a bit isolating sometimes. You forget just how many people are in this community, and events like the Blogosphere Awards are such a fun way to get creators together and remind ourselves how connected we actually are.

Do you think winning the award has helped you in anyway? Perhaps achieving a goal or increased productivity?

For me it was a massive confidence boost. My creative photos were a brand new direction for me at the time, and it felt like a huge risk. I was struggling to decide whether I should keep doing that, or return to doing my more lucrative lifestyle content, and the award really helped encourage my belief in myself and pushed me to be braver in my work.

Why do you think people should nominate themselves or their peers in the Blogosphere Awards 2020?

I think nominating people has such power, as it helps shape what our industry will look like in the future. Plus it’s such a lovely way to show your appreciation for the people who inspire you!

What are your plans and aspirations for 2020?

I want to keep pushing the boundaries of what I think I can do. I want to make people smile with my artwork, and I’m so excited to up my game, and improve the quality and value of my content. I have so many ideas for images and videos I want to create, and now that my January Challenge is over, I’m just so excited to get work!

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