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issue 18 #inthespotlight – the top 10!

It’s that time of year again…we’re excited to reveal our top 10 picks for #InTheSpotlight!

Entries for issue 18 were chosen from those of you who have signed up to our Network (over 650 of you 😱) and we loved having a read of all of your blogs and getting to know you a little bit better.

Picking a top 10 was incredibly difficult, but we enjoyed spending this past week selecting them (in-between watching episodes of Love Island, obvs).

Three of the blogs below will be featured in issue 18 – exciting – and the top three will be contacted within the next week.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

  1. The Rawrdrobe

    therawdrobe Instagram
    Credit: @therawrdrobe/Instagram

    We love the combination of travel and blogging advice on Katy’s blog! As you can see above, she also takes (and features) beautiful photography on her blog and social media, so well worth a follow.

  2. Beauterazzi

    beauterazzi Instagram
    Credit: @beauterazzi/Instagram

    Shang’s beauty blog is quickly becoming one of our favourites, and we love how she swatches products and shares them on her Instagram account. Check out her blog for lots of great product reviews!

  3. omfgwinnie

    winnietang1 Instagram
    Credit: @winnietang1/Instagram

    Winnie has a great sense of style, and we love how she combines casual wear with prints. Her blog is a hub of style inspiration, so well worth a browse.

  4. I Am Foodie Traveler

    iamfoodietraveler Instagram
    Credit: @iamfoodietraveler/Instagram

    Food and travel go hand in hand, so it’s no wonder we were so easily drawn to Gabriela’s blog. We really love her photography and her blog posts are interesting and informative.

  5. Confessions of a first time dad

    ourtinytribeuk Instagram
    Credit: @ourtinytribeuk/Instagram

    Firstly, we love the photography featured on David’s blog (and his Instagram, which you really should follow!). Secondly, we love that he talks about parenthood and mental health on his blog as both topics make for an interesting read.

  6. Frolic and Fro

    frolicandfro Instagram
    Credit: @frolicandfro/Instagram

    We love the design of Emilee’s blog, and her family travel posts are some of our favourites to read. She also takes great photos, so is worth checking out on Instagram.

  7. Third Eye Traveller

    thirdeyetraveller Instagram
    Credit: @thirdeyetraveller/Instagram

    If you’re looking for some serious travel inspo, we suggest you head over to Sophie’s blog right now! We love her colourful photography and simple travel guides.

  8. A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

    girlsguidetopm Twitter
    Credit: @girlsguidetopm/Twitter

    We love career advice blogs, so when we discovered Elizabeth’s blog we had to include it in our roundup. Her blog focuses on project management and gives really useful, actionable advice.

  9. The Silk Sneaker

    thesilksneaker Instagram
    Credit: @thesilksneaker/Instagram

    We think Shloka has a brilliant sense of style, and we love the locations she selects for each of her outfit shoots. Her blog is beautifully designed and full to the brim with fashion inspiration.

  10. The Sparkling Blueberry

annaszoke Instgaram
Credit: @annaszoke/Instagram

Anna’s blog focuses on green beauty and lifestyle, so is a useful resource for those of us who are looking to make more eco-friendly purchases. Follow her for lots of brilliant product recommendations!


I am so excited to be selected in the first place. Thank you so much for this great opportunity and good luck to everyone, the blogs are all amazing, I can see why it’s so difficult to select the top 10!

I am foodie traveler! Always sharing top travel and food experiences inspiring me travelling!

@iamfoodietraveler : your stories inspire me to travel! I love them! Keep up with the good work! 🙂

How I enjoy reading Iamfoodietraveler blogs. I have definitely added new places on my bucket list beceause of her.

i am foodie traveler! i’m following this and it’s awesome! i think we all travel a lot now and her blog is an amazing guide. she gives life to the places she visits and really inspires me when choosing my next trip. 🙂

@iamfoodietraveler we definitely share the same passion for pasta! I love her posts because… aren’t we all foodie travelers? 😀

Iamfoodietraveler, I love and admire your passion for travel. Reading your stories just gives me the drive to just pack up my bags and GO GO GO! I think it’s genius how you combine food with travel, since many countries have pride in their food. You’ve inspired me to be adventurous and try some dishes from the countries I visit.

Your pictures are just beautiful, not only do they tell a story but they capture the culture, the people and the beauty of each country.

I can’t wait for you to share with us all the new countries and adventures to come! Cheers!