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Issue 16 #InTheSpotlight – the top 10!

It’s that time of year again…we’re excited to reveal out top 10 picks for #InTheSpotlight!

Entries for issue 16 were chosen from those of you who have signed up to our Network (over 200 of you!) and we loved having a read of all of your blogs and getting to know you a little bit better.

Picking a top 10 was incredibly difficult, but we enjoyed spending our Christmas holidays with various cups of tea as we made our way through each and every link.

Three of the blogs below will be featured in issue 16 – exciting – and the top three will be contacted within the next week.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

stephi lareine logo

    1. Stephi LaReine

We were immediately drawn to Stephi’s colourful sense of style and once we started reading we just couldn’t stop! Her blog content spans four categories – beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel – so there’s something for everyone.

life with maria logo

      1. Life With Maria


If you’ve not yet seen Maria’s incredible makeup artistry on her blog and social media channels, where have you been?! Her blog is packed full of beauty content and blog advice, so well worth a browse and read.

frankly flawless logo

      1. Frankly Flawless


Sabiha has an eye for flatlays and we love the way she uses them to illustrate her blog posts (in fact, if you’re looking for stock imagery she sells some in her Etsy shop – FranklyPhotos). Visit her blog for some serious photography inspo.

lazy thoughts logo

      1. Lazythoughts


We love the colour scheme and design of lazythoughts – it’s definitely a calming, comforting read! Megan’s lifestyle blog offers blogging tips and tricks, as well as posts about bullet journaling.

colours and carousels logo

      1. Colours and Carousels


Charlotte’s blog is the perfect combination of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Not only are her blog posts addictive, but she has a beautifully colourful Instagram feed that we love scrolling through.

the every rose logo

      1. TheEveryRose


If you’re constantly on the lookout for cruelty-free beauty brands, then you need to give TheEveryRose a read. It’s packed full of reviews and recommendations, as well as beautiful imagery.

Apartment Number 4 logo

      1. Apartment Number 4


Victoria’s blog is full of interiors inspiration and the photography is simply gorgeous. From what you need to buy in Homesense to tips for decorating a studio flat, her blog offers great advice and recommendations.

Em's Wardrobe logo

      1. Em’s Wardrobe


We love Em’s sense of style and how she combines fashion photography with lifestyle content. She keeps her posts short and sweet, which makes them a perfect read for your commute to and from work!

Tolly Dolly Posh logo

      1. Tolly Dolly Posh


Tolly’s blog focuses on ethical fashion, and we love how colourful and creative it is. Our favourite features are the handwritten interview series, ethical directory and illustrations that accompany some of her blog posts.

never settle logo

      1. Never Settle


Eve writes about relationships, sex and dating on her blog Never Settle. We love her writing style and how helpful, yet entertaining, her blog posts are – from how to handle seeing your ex with someone new to red flags within a relationship.



I think Never Settle deserves to feature in the mag – it’s a fantastic blog and I always enjoy reading it!