Voting for the Blogosphere Awards 2022 shortlist is now open!

issue 15 #inthespotlight – the top 10!

Yes, it’s that time again…we’re excited to reveal our top 10 #InTheSpotlight entries!

Over 430 of you sent us your links to consider, and we really enjoyed spending some time getting to know each of your blogs.

Picking a top 10 was incredibly difficult, we had so many great blogs to pick from, but we have managed to narrow it down to this selection of amazing blogs.

In the end, we decided to go for the blogs we found ourselves naturally returning to – the ones that made us hungry for more content.

Well done to everyone who entered themselves; sometimes it feels strange nominating your own blog for something but we’re really glad you did!

Three of the blogs below will be featured in issue 15 of the magazine – exciting – and we will contact the top three within the next week.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites of the 10 and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

Simply Abbi logo

  1. Simply Abbi

Abbi’s blog caught our eye as soon as we clicked through, we love her photography style and the many topics her blog covers.

Martha Jane Edwards logo

2. Martha Jane Edwards

Martha’s blog posts always get us thinking and she shares opinions on a variety of topics, including the blogosphere, buying dupes and being feminine.

delicately logo

3. Delicately

Cherie has a beautiful writing style, we loved her mooncakes story and also think her photography is gorgeous.

kara chelsie logo

4. Kara Chelsie

Kara’s sense of style is lovely, and her outfit posts give us endless inspiration. She also shares some interesting perspectives and opinions in her blog posts that make for great reading.

man vs globe logo

5. Man vs. Globe

We love a good travel blog, and this one is packed full of brilliant posts! Whether you’re looking for city break recommendations or a quiet escape, there really is something for everyone.

katie jane collins logo

6. Katie Jane Collins

Katie’s blog is another new travel favourite of ours, the photography is brilliant and we really enjoyed reading about why she travels.

a style edit logo

7. A Style Edit

Lauren has a fabulous sense of style and we really love the composition of her photos. If you want some serious fashion inspo we recommend checking out her Instagram feed.

millie ryan logo

8. Millie Ryan

Millie’s blog is a mix of lifestyle, fashion and beauty content and we really enjoyed her blog posts on relationships and mental health.

fifis looking glass logo

9. Fifi’s Looking Glass

Fifi’s reflective posts caught our attention and we think her photography is beautiful. Her post about self doubt is one of our favourites.

joseph burrows logo

10. Joseph Burrows

Joseph’s blog is lifestyle based, and it’s the perfect place to go for content covering a variety of topics, including music, film and travel.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we will be picking three of these lovely blogs to feature in the magazine so don’t be shy in letting us know which are your favourites.

If you want to nominate your own blog for #InTheSpotlight we’ll be opening nominations again in December so keep an eye on our Twitter page!


Fifi Newbery has come so far in her writing . She expresses not only her own battle with her demons but with compassion and education to help others with there’s .
Her blog is vibrant gritty yet full stunning photograph and content .

Pick Man vs Globe because his storytelling and photography really set him apart. He’s always got an interesting angle to tell on the destination.

Just love #6 by Katie Jane Collins. It’s honest where many aren’t while being interesting, informative and inspirational. Good luck to her!

I love reading fifi’s looking glass. I gain a new perspective on life each time. I’ve laughed and cried with her posts and find my self emotionally charged after reading them. Bravo Fifi x

Fifi’s looking glass is my favourite and I can relate to this. Fifi writes from the heart and the beautiful pictures compliment the beautiful words.
Good luck to everyone x

Fifi’s Looking Glass. Hands down the winner here. Sheer, unmitigated personal bravery. Her clarity, unflinching observations and the grace of her images, makes this blog a must read. There is much to learn from this beautiful, and powerfully audacious young woman.

No 1 choice – is Fifi’s Looking Glass – A thoughtful and reflective accounts of the challenges of her ‘inner-self’ that offers an honest account of the up’s and down’s of dealing with self-doubt, anxiety and at times depression. Refreshing and inspiring!

No 2 choice – Man Vs Globe – love these little accounts of city highlights and great photography – what’s not to like!!

Fifi you inspire us and empower us girls when we need the reality check of the important things whilst we drown ourselves in self doubt everyday! Very proud of you to open up to us all !

Fifis looking glass is open and honest. Beauty is not always outside. It has to come from within and blossom , there are times when we just don’t feel it. Inspiring to have an honest and open approach to life’s journy and how we get there. Ups and downs in leaps and bounds a great blog spot

Fifi’s looking glass gets my vote, it’s fantastic. Great quantity of quality content with a down to earth feel. The dogs got a bit of an attitude problem though.

I love Fifi Newbery’s blog, deep and thoughtful and she is so in touch with today’s world for such a young woman..Well done Fifi and keep it up!

Katie Jane Collins blog is amazing.
I read every post and know that she is being honest about her thoughts and insights in to the world we live in and how she perceives it.

I love reading Fi Fi’s Looking Glass. For such a young person she is an inspiration to many and of all ages. Well done Fi Fi…

I often have a look and always enjoy Fifi’s blogs. Beautiful, honest and how I wish I could cure the self doubt.