Get involved in the Blogosphere Awards 2023!

Issue 13 #InTheSpotlight – the top 10!

Yes, it’s that time again…we’re excited to reveal our top 10 #InTheSpotlight entries!

Just under 300 of you sent us your links to consider, and we really enjoyed spending the weekend having a good read of each and every one.

Picking a top 10 was incredibly difficult, we honestly had so many great blogs to pick from, but we have managed to narrow it down to this selection of amazing blogs.

In the end, we decided to go for the blogs we found ourselves naturally returning to – the ones that made us hungry for more content.

Well done to everyone who entered themselves; sometimes it feels strange nominating your own blog for something but we’re really glad you did!

Three of the blogs below will be featured in issue 13 of the magazine – exciting – and we will contact the top three within the next week.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites of the 10 and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

  1. Little Thoughts

Little Thoughts logo

If you’re looking for a new lifestyle blog to add to your reading list, we highly recommend checking out Hannah’s! We love reading her posts on travel, mental health and being teetotal. If you haven’t checked out the hashtag and Twitter chat she founded, #TalkMH, make sure you do for an endless stream of Mental Health content.

  1. Paige Joanna

Paige Joanna logo

Paige is a DIY queen, and her colourful projects never fail to give us inspiration for how we can pimp our own wardrobes. Her outfit posts are some of our favourites, we love the bright, beautiful colours she features in each and every one. She also has an Etsy shop full of hand-painted and up-cycled denim, so make sure you check that out!

  1. Apartment Number 4

Apartment Number 4 logo

Victoria’s blog is our first stop when it comes to interior inspiration. If you’re looking for beautifully curated, helpful posts on how you can decorate your living space without breaking the bank, then her posts are for you! She also shares travel, lifestyle and food content on her blog and her posts about being a blogger are brilliant.


Whimsicella logo

Ella’s blog doesn’t have a specific theme, and we really enjoy the variation in her content. We love reading her creative writing and poetry posts, if you haven’t checked out her creative writing series (Shorts) do it now! She’s also shared a round-up of books that most affected her in 2016 and we’ve noted down lots of recommendations from it.

  1. Adil Musa

Adil Musa logo

Adil’s food posts always leave us feeling hungry, probably because his photography is so good! We love the fact that is blog is a combination of restaurant reviews and recipes, giving us recommendations of new places to check out and things we can try on our own.



Kemi has a brilliant sense of style and her outfit posts are all beautifully photographed. As well as straight outfit posts, she also shares travel and careers content – both of which make interesting reads! Make sure you check out her Instagram feed for lots of fashion inspiration.

  1. Eppie

Eppie logo

Eppie’s blog is a combination of lifestyle and travel content and we really enjoy reading all about her travels! Recently, she’s been sharing a lot of Disney World content, and her posts have us itching to book a trip for ourselves there. Her photography is also beautiful, so well worth a scroll.



Matt blogs about fashion, grooming and technology and we really enjoy the variation in his content. His posts about blogging and the blogger community are also brilliant and well worth a read. We also love his posts on vinyls and which ones he has picked up recently.

  1. Don’t Cramp My Style

Don't cramp my style logo

Firstly, Anna’s pink hair is gorgeous and the pink theme is something that continues throughout her blog content and Instagram feed (which is gorgeous, by the way). Her advice on interiors, rented space and buying a home are really inspiring and encourage us to think carefully about how we decorate and maintain our living space.

  1. Six out of ten

six out of ten logo

Laura blogs about a whole host of topics, but we find her posts about being a student nurse the most interesting. She shares advice on first placements on emergency wards, passing bioscience exams and why the NHS should be free. If you’re looking for a refreshing, new read we recommend you check out her blog.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we will be picking three of these lovely blogs to feature in the magazine so don’t be shy in letting us know which are your favourites.

If you want to nominate your own blog for #InTheSpotlight we’ll be opening nominations again in June/July so keep an eye on our Twitter page!


Absolutely adore Paige Joanna’s blog and so glad it’s on here this time around. It’s really developed into something special and I’m so excited to watch it grow. Th style posts are my favourite. So many cute ideas to take away, mix and match and try at home.

I absolutely love little thoughts. I am a avid reader and enjoy every post. I connect with hannah and her writing on so many levels.

Don’t cramp my style!!!! I love Anna’s blog and she’s really helped me doing up my home on a budget, without making it look cheap in the slightest! Don’t even get me started with her Instagram