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issue 12 #InTheSpotlight – the top 10!

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Yes, it’s that time again…we’re excited to reveal our top 10 #InTheSpotlight entries!

Just over 300 of you sent us your links to consider, and we really enjoyed spending the Christmas holidays having a good read of each and every one.

Picking a top 10 was incredibly difficult, we honestly had so many great blogs to pick from, but we have managed to narrow it down to this selection of amazing blogs.

In the end, we decided to go for the blogs we found ourselves naturally returning to – the ones that made us hungry for more content.

Well done to everyone who entered themselves; sometimes it feels strange nominating your own blog for something but we’re really glad you did!

Three of the blogs below will be featured in issue 12 of the magazine – exciting – and we will contact the top three within the next week.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites of the 10 and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

  1. Imogen and James

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We were immediately drawn to the beautiful visuals of Imogen & James, which had us scrolling through their home page and frequently dipping into the brilliant blog posts. There’s a great mixture of style, advice and beauty which makes each post an interesting and refreshing read.


2. Laurzrah

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The world of beauty blogging may be saturated right now, but Laura’s posts always stand out to us. Her flatlays are seriously pretty and we love getting recommendations for the best new products from her blog posts. If you’re a beauty junkie we highly recommend having a good read of her blog.


3. The Sequinist

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If, like us, you’re drawn to lots of colour and bright pictures, we suggest you pay a visit to The Sequinist. We love her personal style posts and really enjoy reading about the pieces she picks for each post and why she has picked them.


4. Sharkett Sisters

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Antonia and Imogen had our mouths watering from the moment we clicked on their first food-related blog post. Their photography is really impressive and be prepared to have some serious food and drink envy as you read through their blog.


5. Anoushka Probyn

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We love Anoushka’s personal style and we’re slightly envious of how easy she makes striking a pose look…Her blog is the perfect pit stop for some fashion and travel inspiration, with her posts covering everything from her holiday wardrobe to top London brunch spots.


6. That Adventurer

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Looking to add more stamps to your passport this year? Then we suggest you pay an online visit to That Adventurer. Her blog is a useful mix of food recommendations, travel advice and highlights from some of her many travels across the globe.


7. John’s Road To Volunteering

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We’ve really enjoyed reading about John’s experiences of volunteering and what he has learned from blogging about it, so we couldn’t resist sharing his blog with you. His blog also includes guest posts, and it’s nice to switch between reading about his own story and other people’s.


8. Little Novelist

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If one of your resolutions is to write more, or even start a novel, then we highly recommend you add Little Novelist to your reading list. With free workbooks, book reviews and advice for novice writers, Rhianne’s blog is a really helpful resource for first-time writers.


9. Honesty For Your Skin

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The world of skincare can be baffling, and if you’re struggling to decipher exactly what your skin needs you need to visit Honesty For Your Skin.  Cheryl’s blog is all about explaining the science behind products, helping you understand what your skin needs and which products will work best for it.


10. Road To Recovering

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Sarah blogs about her experiences as somebody who is chronically ill, and we really enjoy not only reading about her journey but also reading the bits and pieces of blogging advice she has picked up since starting her blog. We can’t wait to see what content she will create in 2017.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we will be picking three of these lovely blogs to feature in the magazine so don’t be shy in letting us know which are your favourites.

If you want to nominate your own blog for #InTheSpotlight we’ll be opening nominations again in March/April so keep an eye on our Twitter page!


This blog has been one of my favourites for almost a year. My interest is in the beautiful cakes that these two girls make. I love baking but I also enjoy seeing the fashion they blog about.

Love the Honesty for you SKin blogs. Tremendously honest and really opens your mind to what is in your skin care prodcts!

Gosh – guys… thankyou so much for your sweet words about Honesty For Your Skin… you’re so lovely… and it’s such an honour to be shortlisted when I know how many awesome blogs there are out there. Thankyou, thankyou with a cherry on top!

My personal favourite is Honesty for Your Skin – I love the unique insight into skincare ingredients and it’s written in such a friendly tone!
I’ll definitely be checking out some of the other blogs 🙂

I’ve been obsessed with Laura’s (Laurzrah) blog for years. Her passion for beauty radiates from her writing and beautiful photography.

“Love Honesty”……i really love this blog gives you so much insight about the science behind your skin and skincare products….it really helps me tackle my skin problems….Cheryl keep up the great work :)))