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Issue 10 #InTheSpotlight – the top 10!

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When we launched #InTheSpotlight for issue 10, we were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of amazing entries we had.

Over 100 of you (113 to be exact!) sent us your lovely blog links, and we put aside some time over the past couple of weeks to read through each and every one.

Picking a top 10 wasn’t easy – you guys are all just too good!

In the end, we decided to go for the blogs we found ourselves naturally returning to – the ones that made us hungry for more content.

Well done to everyone who entered themselves; sometimes it feels strange nominating your own blog for something but we’re really glad you did!

Below are our 10 favourite blogs – three of which will be featured in issue 10 of the magazine.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites of the 10 and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!

  1. The mile long bookshelf

The Mile Long Bookshelf logo

We’re always asked about featuring more book bloggers within the magazine, and so we were excited to find Amber’s blog because her reviews are so easy to read and give such good recommendations.

  1. Strawberry Dream

Strawberry Dream logo

Pictures are what really draw us into a blog and Courtney’s homepage is full of them – everything is big, bright and beautiful, making it all the more tempting to spend our lunch breaks scrolling through her posts.

  1. Healthy Twenties

healthy twenties logo

If you’re a big foodie who’s not willing to compromise taste for healthy eating then Jasmin has the perfect recipes for you, including how to make your own healthy peanut butter cups!

  1. Peaches and Bear

Peaches and bear logo

The cool-toned palette of Tamsyn-Elizabeth’s blog instantly makes us feel calm and we love her mix of lifestyle, travel and food posts.

  1. Emma Inks

Emma Inks blog

So many blogs stick to a white theme, we find Emma’s darker palette refreshing and enjoy the variation in her content – from hot yoga classes to Berlin outfit posts.

  1. Lil’ Black Boots

Lil black boots blog

We were drawn to the clean design of Katie’s blog and really enjoy the mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts that she creates.

  1. A Wandering Blog

a wandering blog logo

Travel blogs have the power to transport you to places you could never visit yourself and we love browsing through Ciara’s striking photos and travel stories.

  1. Arora Appleby

Arora Appleby logo

Sometimes comedy can get lost in translation when it comes to writing blog posts but Arora’s come across brilliantly and has us wanting more.

  1. Shell Shocked Mummy

shell shocked mummy logo

Laverne talks about, and shares, difficult content on her blog and we love how open and honest she is about the things she has experienced and the impact they have had on her.

  1. Girl Goes To

girl goes to logo

Travel, food and drink – what more could you want?! Becky’s blog is the perfect mix of both and we’ve really enjoyed reading about all of her past adventures.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we will be picking three of these lovely blogs to feature in the magazine so don’t be shy in letting us know which are your favourites.
If you want to nominate your own blog for In The Spotlight we’ll be opening nominations again in September/October so keep an eye on our Twitter page!


I really enjoyed arora Appleby’s blog message me smile, lovely insight to her world.

I loved a girl goes to thought it was natural and made me want to travel. Good insight and flavour of places visited and mentioned.

I’m so pleased you have featured Girl Goes To. Her posts always make me feel like I am on holiday with her!

Girl Goes To – I really enjoy reading these. The attention to detail she puts into her blog in each location makes you feel like you are experiencing it with her. The pictures are stunning and poster worthy. Looking forward to her next adventure

I love the sassy nature of Lil Black Boots’ blog. Crisp, clean and modern. Love love love it x

I love Lil Black Boots’ blog. I can really relate to Katie’s posts, I get so many lifestyle tips from there!