Get involved in the Blogosphere Awards 2023!

#InTheSpotlight – The Top 10!

When we launched #InTheSpotlight for issue 9, we were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of amazing entries we had.


Over 100 of you sent us your lovely blog links, and over the Easter weekend we put aside some time to read through each and every one.

Picking a top 10 wasn’t easy – you guys are all just too good!

In the end, we decided to go for the blogs we found ourselves naturally returning to – the ones that made us hungry for more content.

Well done to everyone who entered themselves; sometimes it feels strange nominating your own blog for something but we’re really glad you did!

Below are our 10 favourite blogs – three of which will be featured in issue 9 of the magazine.

Have a read of them, comment below with your favourites of the 10 and don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts, too!


  1. XORebeccaLouise

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.50.39

Rebecca’s blog is a mix of everything, from style diaries to travel bucket lists, and we loved making our way through each of the categories.

Her photos are big, bright and beautiful and we love her conversational writing tone.

There’s, quite literally, something for everyone and we could spend hours browsing her blog.


  1. The Cardiff Cwtch

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 15.59.32

If there’s one thing that sucks us into a travel blog, it’s lots of pretty photos and Nia’s blog has plenty of them!

Her posts transport us to wherever she is (or has been) and the short, sweet bursts of text in between photos give us a great insight into each of her trips.

We now have a list of places we simply MUST visit in Cardiff – maybe we should start packing our bags?


  1. Beautyosaurus Lex

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.05.09

First off, what a great blog name. Secondly, we are now lost in Alex’s stunning Instagram feed.

While Alex’s blog is predominantly a beauty one, we love that she branches out into lifestyle every once in awhile.

Much like her Instagram feed, her blog photos are very attractive and have us wanting everything that she has (the Spring lipstick arsenal is especially good!)



Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.09.21

If you want some serious holiday envy, we suggest you head straight over to MOON + FOREST.

From Puno to Newcastle, Sarah will have you wanting to go wherever she’s been and her brilliant photos really help to transport you there.

Her holiday stories are fascinating and definitely not to be missed.


  1. Not Your Nine To Five

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.11.23 (1)

There’s something exciting and mysterious about an anonymous blog, so we were naturally drawn to Not Your Nine To Five.

What initially drew us into this blog was the witty content- our favourites being ‘an open letter to booze’ and ‘why I once spent £55 on a thong’.

It’s not often that a blogger’s sense of humour shines through in their writing and it’s exactly what keeps us coming back to Not Your Nine The Five for more.


  1. Beauty At Brunch

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.31.36

We love a good blog design, and Beauty At Brunch’s has us clicking on every post!

Written by three lovely ladies, Rae, Lily and Dani, it’s the perfect blend of beauty reviews, event exclusives and fitness posts.

It’s not often that a blog is co-written and we love the variation in writing style and blog content it brings.


  1. Nerd About Town

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.41.57

Sometimes all it takes for a blog to stand out is a fierce sense of style and that’s something Steph has mastered.

We love how proud she is of her body shape and her fashion posts are a source of endless inspiration.

If you like your fashion blogs bold and brave with a splash of beauty and lifestyle then Steph is the girl for you.


  1. The Awkward Blog

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.45.15

A great blog is one that you want to spend a whole afternoon browsing and we found ourselves doing exactly that on Angela’s.

We love the unique design of her blog and her photo edits are great, adding individuality to each and every post.

Thanks to Angela we now have a major craving for seared tuna – which probably isn’t a bad thing…


  1. Tiny Twisst

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.49.19

Laura’s photos are show-stopping and we just can’t get enough of them!

We can’t believe we’ve only just discovered her blog and we’re now doing some serious catching up on all of her blog posts.

If you want some incredible photos to browse through over your morning cuppa, Tiny Twisst is perfect for you.


  1. Life Of Pingkan

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.51.58

We were initially drawn to Pingkan’s blog by her effortless casual style.

There’s something just so addictive about browsing through each of her outfit posts and she’s convinced us that we definitely do need that pair of Adidas Superstars.

If you’re also a casual style addict, like us, take a look at her blog and you won’t be disappointed.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we will be picking three of these lovely blogs to feature in the magazine so don’t be shy in letting us know which are your favourites!
If you want to nominate your own blog for In The Spotlight we’ll be opening nominations again in June so keep an eye on our Twitter page!


So pleased NotYourNineToFive has been picked!!!! So witty and the page is stylistically stunning. Hope we get much more posts from this blogger in the future.

Life Of Pingkan is such an on-trend, amazing blog. Always await new posts with anticipation, eager to see what styles and recommendations this lovely lady reveals.Life Of Pingkan has my vote 🙂 xx

N0. 10 life of Pingkan, fashion is an ever evolving way of expressing who you are and how you feel, and she definitely conveyed that the products she shows in her blog are not just products statement, they are products in actions….!

I love all the posts from life of Pingkan. They are so different and inspirational. I have had lots of fashion tips and ideas from her blog. She is fab!

Wow, I am a super proud bf that has been nominated. It’s great to see all her hard work is paying off.

It would be amazing to grab a physical copy of your magazine and see her work in all its glory.

Not your nine to five is a fantastic blog, Very witty, which regularly has me laughing out loudly. Very stylish and easy to read.

Love notyourninetofive. Being a thirty something myself i can really relate. Brilliantly witty and excellent photography aswell. Really likebthe anonymity aspect aswell. Definitely going to carry in reading

Beautysauruslex is by far my favourite blogger. Her blogs are always interesting and never fail to make me happy 🙂

Alex is amazing!! I am so happy for her being recognized. I love her blog and her youtube channel which I have been watching for years now! She seems genuinely interested and engaged with those of us who watch and read her content and that hasn’t changed as her subscriber base has grown. I hope she ends up being your top pick!

Beautyosaurus Lez!! Alex is so sweet in her videos and her blog is stunning! She deserves so much love and appreciation.

Beautyosaurus Lex is my favourite! Every post she does has a tiny hint of positivity that can change my whole day around. Always so much quality content on her blog too!

Alex from Beautyosaurus Lex is so genuine and enduring with her content. She’s truly the best.

Beautyosaurus Lex has my vote! She’s such an inspiration and her content is never anything less than beautiful and well expressed! Big fan 🙂

Beautyosaurus Lex is my favorite one of the above!!! Alex has a unique way of brightening up even the gloomiest of days… And… who can resist the adorable Gus who makes an appearance once in a while??? ❤

Beautyosaurus Lex! I always look forward to heading over to Alex’s blog and reading all her posts. Her pictures and advice are both amazing!