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Inside issue 17 of Blogosphere starring dodie

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The June issue, which stars musician and YouTuber dodie on the cover, includes unmissable interviews with content creators and industry insiders as well as blogging how-tos and inspiration. You can subscribe here to get the dodie issue now.

So, what’s in issue 17?

dodie graces the June cover of Blogosphere shrouded in her signature yellow flowers. The whimsical images, shot by Linda Blacker, go alongside an interview in which she discusses everything from the mainstream media’s hypocritical view of YouTubers to her sexuality, mental health and writing music.

Steven Bartlett is the founder and CEO of social media marketing agency Social Chain. At the age of 25 his business has offices in Manchester, Berlin, London, Munich and New York and over 200 employees. The young entrepreneur talks to Blogosphere about going from shoplifting and being rejected from opening a business bank account to turning over millions of pounds.

Photographer and visual artist Claire Luxton creates unique and stunning images, sharing them with her 84,000+ Instagram followers. Her nature-themed self-portraiture is refreshingly unlike anything else on social media. In this Q&A she reveals what inspires her, the biggest things she’s learnt in her career so far, and how she balances making a living with staying true to her artistic vision.

Blogosphere payed a visit to Helen Anderson at her home in Norwich for an in depth interview, covering subjects such as: vlogging as a full time job, having an eclectic personal style and her very public break-up. Whilst frankly discussing the latter, Helen describes what it’s like to have details of your life broadcasted online and how her audience have supported her throughout.

Whilst for some, being a full time influencer is the dream, for others, it’s not a realistic or desirable career path. Hazel Wallace, also known as The Food Medic, is not only a blogger-turned-author, but an NHS doctor. She has written an insightful feature: “How to accelerate your day job using your blog”, explaining how having a blog as a ‘side-hustle’ can be beneficial to your long term job goals.

Issue 17’s ‘In conversation with…’ features fashion bloggers and friends Jordan Bunker and Mat Spade. The topics they debate include menswear and the fashion industry, creating branded content and whether curating your Instagram feed is actually beneficial to growth.

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Think you need the best camera equipment to take fantastic photos? You’re wrong! Holly Ah-Thion, of The Kitty Luxe, used nothing but an iPhone to take and edit photos for her blog for over two years. She shares her top tips for achieving top quality pictures and tweaking them to perfection using mobile apps.

Each issue we interview a member of our Blogosphere Network… this time it’s Jamie, of parenting blog Daddy and Dad. On his blog, Jamie shares the trials and tribulations of bringing up two boys, being adoptive same-sex parents and being a part of the online parenting community.

One look at Michael Zee’s Instagram page, @symmetrybreakfast, will have you drooling over your phone screen. Michael makes breakfast every single day for his husband – and takes a perfectly symmetrical picture of it. Blogosphere speaks to the Shanghai-based cook, author and Instagrammer about food, followers and photography.

Chidera Eggerue, known online as The Slumflower, talks to Blogosphere about her social media campaign #SaggyBoobsMatter, empowering black women and how Twitter has been integral to her career success so far.

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Not only does Blogosphere include all the above interviews and features, but sections on Beauty, Parenting, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Business, Fitness, Books, Travel and Photography.

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