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In the spotlight… Third Eye Traveller

1. Why did you first decide to write a travel blog?

There was a point in my life where I thought my life was set; applying for
a mortgage, a long-term relationship, but then life got in the way of that and I decided to escape by packing up my bags to go travelling around South East Asia for six months. This was when I first was bitten by the travel bug. I was obsessed with taking photographs, which is my way of enjoying travel. From there, I decided to start writing about my adventures online. A year later, I moved to India and it hit me like a bolt of lighting. I knew I wanted to be a travel writer. So, Third Eye Traveller was born.

2. What do you enjoy the most about travel blogging?

Apart from it being a place to store my photographs and personal experiences around the world, it’s a place to connect with other travellers and people who read my blog. My blog wouldn’t be there without the readers and followers to share my journey. Also, I love using it as a platform to showcase or dismiss common beliefs about a particular country or place. People always think of India as dangerous and dirty but there’s so much inspiration around every corner. I love being able to showcase that.

3. Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

I always think about the questions that I personally had before travelling to a destination. For example, I went to North East India where there was hardly any up to date information in the guide books. I was terrified for my safety as I was travelling solo, but it turned out to be completely safe, even more so than Delhi. So, I decided to answer those questions through my blog. I want to provide honest advice for people who want to travel, beyond the Instagram highlight reel. Instagram has all the beautiful shots, but I personally think there’s more beauty in a blog post about an unexpected 40-hour bus ride to Nepal or getting stuck on a ferry off Majuli Island due to freak fog (both have happened to me).

4. What do you find most challenging about travelling alone?

Not having a photographer (haha, just kidding) but seriously, I’m almost married to my long-term partner of my trusty tripod. The most challenging part of travelling solo is almost always worrying about your safety, especially at night. That’s why I usually avoid going out alone too late in the evenings and avoid drinking. I always make sure I get a safe means of transport and a hotel/hostel in a tourist area. The second, is creating content. If my tripod isn’t with me, it’s virtually impossible.

5. What are your ‘must have’ blogging accessories for while you are travelling?

I always have my 13” Macbook at the ready to start writing blog posts. I’ll write on planes, at airports, on buses you name it. My Olympus OMD E-Mark10 ii is my camera of choice and has stuck with me since the beginning of the journey. I also bring my tripod and I use my iPhone as a wifi shutter to preview the shots and take them. I recently have purchased a Canon G7x Mark ii to make travel vlogs; a new adventure which I’m super excited about!