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How to pitch an article to Blogosphere Magazine

Anyone – so long as they are a blogger – is welcome to pitch story ideas to Blogosphere Magazine. We’re here to give a snapshot of the blogging community as a whole, which includes both established and up and coming bloggers.

But, we thought it was time to give you some pointers when it comes to pitching to us. Some guidelines to follow.


Pitching an idea is like pitching a tent. First you need an idea, something substantial and interesting, this is the canvas. Then you need a peg. It’s all very well having an idea, but it needs to be secured to something relevant and timely. Ask yourself why now? Why your article should be published?

Have you noticed a trend, some data, an interesting date in the diary? This is what the article should be tied to in its introduction. Without a peg, no matter how beautifully the words are written, they will seem insubstantial.

Think about this when brainstorming.


Next is the style of the pitch. We like to receive ideas in the following format:

Idea: What you want to write about and why.

Title: Something catchy and pithy.

Standfirst: A brief description of what the piece will be about/investigating – including your name. It should make us want to read on.


Intro: Succinct introduction, which includes the PEG.

Section 1: Outline of what you’ll talk about at start of piece. Broken into paragraphs.

Section 2: Ditto for the middle.

Section 3: Ditto for the following paragraphs.

Conclusion: This should have a strong closing statement. And tie the piece together.

NB: Having a sound knowledge of Blogosphere and the features that we’ve included before will help you. Pitching an article that we have just run clearly demonstrates that you’re not a Blogosphere reader. Understanding what we’re about will show to us that you’re interested in the brand. It will also help coming up with original ideas that we haven’t thought about covering yet. 

Finally, we thought we’d share one of the best pitches we’ve had. Which stuck to our formula. It’s from That Grace Girl and lays out a clear idea for an article – which, if you’ve bought issue 7, you’ll recognise in its finished state.


Here is Grace’s pitch:

Idea: An essay-style feature on the concept of intelligence and beauty. Beginning with the idea that we need to move away from the assumption that an interest in beauty products is shallow and stupid, and understand that it’s possible to be smart, hardworking, and accomplished, yet still harbour a passion for lipstick and savour the thrill of opening a new face cream. Moving on to the concept of intelligent beauty writing – with women like Sali Hughes and Emily Weiss changing the face of beauty writing, more and more bloggers are adopting an astute and informed approach to beauty writing, which we should applaud. 

*Here is Grace’s peg. She’s picked up on the trend that bloggers are writing about beauty in a new – more astute and informed – way.*

Title: Intelligent Beauty

Standfirst: It’s time to take beauty seriously, says Grace Day. Because being smart and being able to write about lipstick should be both synonymous and irrefutable.


Introduction – Introduction of article’s content/structure and small piece on my personal relationship with beauty.

Section 1 – [broken into 3 paragraphs] – Exploring the aggression directed at women who love beauty [as regards intelligence/feminism/charity, with counter arguments [beauty as therapy/morale, role of the beauty industry etc].

Section 2 – Intelligent beauty writing, how it is done, how it is becoming the next big thing in beauty blogging, its pioneers, the positive outcomes etc.

Conclusion – My personal approach to beauty writing and general conclusion of content.

We look forward to receiving your pitches! Email them to:

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