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@lindablacker – Creative Instagrammers

In this blog series ‘Creative Instagrammers’, we introduce you to some of the inspiring creators on Instagram who have developed their own unique style. We’ll be asking them about how they make their content, the challenges they face and for tips and advice to get those creative juices flowing.

Introducing Creative Instagrammer: @lindablacker

1. When recreating characters for your Instagram, what part of the process do you enjoy most?

It really depends on the character. For example, when I turned myself into Alice in Wonderland, my favourite part was creating the Cheshire Cat which I sculpted from Polymer Clay. I absolutely loved working on it in the evenings and in between shoots and watching as he came to life! However, on other shoots the shooting or editing can be my favourite part, as that is where I really see the image itself taking place. Honestly, I think every part is pretty fun!

2. What’s been your favourite character or artwork to recreate to date?

In terms of characters – probably Princess Fiona from Shrek. I loved that project so much, from making the tower window to Gingy. Everything just went so smoothly, and it was one of the first shoots I did where I truly transformed into a character and it kind of kick started all the recreations I have been doing. I’m currently working on a Corpse Bride recreation which I am really enjoying too, as it’s so theatrical. I worked with makeup artist @ashleighmua to create the character’s look and fashion designer @noemie_jouas to produce the dress so I’m really excited for this one. It’s a big edit but I can’t wait to see it come together.

Princess Fiona x Linda Blacker for Amazon Prime
@LindaBlacker for an Amazon Prime Video campaign

@lindablacker has worked with us on several issues of Blogosphere Magazine, including the cover for issue 20 featuring Nyané.

3. Are there any artworks or characters you found particularly challenging to recreate and why?

When I recreated The Last Supper in January 2019 – It was the first time I had done a composite like that, and I honestly had no idea if it would work out. I shot all the different poses in my kitchen and just went for it. That was definitely rewarding when it came together, but I feel that I could do a better recreation now as I have learned so much since then when it comes to composites and post production, so I hope to do that recreation again in the future.

4. What’s been your favourite brand collaboration to date on Instagram?

That would be my Princess Fiona recreations, which were actually for Amazon Prime Video. The collaboration itself was such a nice fit for my audience and I also had creative freedom from the client. The fact that I actually got paid to turn myself into Princess Fiona will always bring me happiness. On the second collaboration with them I sculpted Donkey out of clay, to pose beside me. He was the second sculpture I ever made and it worked out really well. I’m always surprised when I finish a sculpture and it actually looks good, because I am so new to it, haha.

Fiona & Donkey For Amazon Prime
@LindaBlacker for an Amazon Prime Video campaign

5. Are there any accounts you love following or you recommend we check out?

@JohnBallen416 – Otherwise known as Mr Ballen. I mainly watch him on YouTube as he doesn’t post his main content to Instagram. If you are a fan of all things strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format, he is the channel for you. I love listening to scary stories whilst I edit, and he is a great story teller!

Do you have a creative Instagram, know someone who does, or have a question you’d love to have answered in a future interview? Get in touch.