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Creating Instagrammable Moments with Han Talbot – Event Overview

Han Talbot joined us in the Blogosphere virtual space to deliver a talk on, ‘How to create instagrammable moments locally on a budget.’ Speaking from experience Han shared all of her tips and tricks on how to create organic and original photo opportunities with seemingly not a lot! 

In the presentation we saw an array of photos with backdrops from across the world that formed the foundations of her knowledge on how to create a moment worth capturing. A lot of her work is about exploring curiosity, using your surroundings and thinking creatively about how they could create an image other than its most obvious look. Think outside the box! 

With all of this experience in creating instagrammable moments Han turned the talk around and showed us how to transfer the frameworks of instagrammable moments to the boundaries of our own homes. In the Q&A we spoke about the importance of schedules, caption curation and ironed out ideas for instagrammable moments for the future.