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In the spotlight… Jodie Lin from Coppablog

1. When did you first start blogging?

It all started in late 2015 when I was at college, and my teacher wanted me to create a blog to showcase my work as I was applying for university. I thenĀ spent a long summer before going toĀ university re-designing my blog, and creating content as it became a hobby alongside my part-time job. I love photography and found that sharing it on my blog was the perfect place. I enjoyed having it as a little side hobby to focus on and it became my little space on the internet which I am really proud of. It eventually ended up being a comfort blanket for when I was at uni, as well as a portfolio to show my recent work, experiences and photography.

2. How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic?

I would like to think my InstagramĀ aesthetic is warm and welcoming, whilstĀ maintaining a professional portfolio. I want people to visit my page and feelmotivated to do the things in life thatĀ suit them. I stick to my own preset for all my images so that they follow theĀ ā€˜coppaā€™ theme, while having all the images placed around each other so they look in sync. I have a lot ofĀ interests within the creative, travel andĀ lifestyle industries and since decision making isnā€™t my strongest trait, I decidedĀ to cover them all!

3. Which social media platform is your favourite, and why?

Instagram is my favourite by far! I love to look at it as my online scrapbook, it is where my most loved images are kept and shared. I am a visual person so I love to see how others edit, theme and design their platform. I love the raw aspect of stories too, I am quite a nosey person so I find spontaneous shopping hauls and daily updates so interesting. However, one of my favourite aspectsĀ is the instant knowledge of knowing where something is or where it cameĀ from. Seeing where someone ate forĀ lunch, where that item of clothing isĀ from or even where they are in the world helps me add to my goals andĀ discover new things.

4. Which bloggers/content creators inspire you (and why)?

I am inspired by a lot of content creators, but my main four would be;Ā Inthefrow,Ā Indiamoon,Ā Hello OctoberĀ andĀ Kate la Vie. Victoria creates the most amazing, genuine and innovative content and it shows how hard sheĀ works. She is one of my biggest motivations within the blogging industry especially with all of the fashion content (and recently, home content) that inspired me to redecorate my room. I also love Suzieā€™s style, she has an amazing edgy fashion sense. Her fashion videos/hauls always end up in me buying something. India is so down to earth, I love her instagram aesthetic and gorgeous styling images. I haveĀ loved seeing her recent travels and sharing her tips to help me with someĀ upcoming trips. I really love Kateā€™sĀ interior design too, she has such anĀ amazing eye and I love reading herĀ blog posts.

5. What advice would you give to newbie bloggers?

The biggest piece of advice would be to be passionate about what you are doing, and the rest will follow very easily. You need to invest a lot of time into this type of content, as well as being patient. Posting regularly on social media accounts is a good way to get into the routine of it. I also foundĀ supporting others that are within this blogging community is a good way to make yourself known. Overall the biggest thing is to make sure you love and enjoy it!