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Blogosphere is a media company rooted in the world of digital influencers. We launched all the way back in 2013 with the aim to report on the industry from a position of understanding and respect. To take things seriously. 

Since then, our business has grown in lots of different verticals. We publish an internationally distributed magazine (former cover stars include Zoe Sugg and Casey Neistat), produce an industry podcast – Blogosphere: Serious Influence (guests include Sir Martin Sorrell, Dom Smales and Facebook), run influencer events (including the Blogosphere Awards and Blogosphere Festival), and have launched an influencer/brand network (which is a due diligence platform based on qualitative data).

As with many small businesses, the onset of coronavirus has hit us very hard. It’s a tough time. But a challenge that we will rise to. With live events being postponed, it has also given us a bit more time to really think about the business as a whole, and how we serve all of our customers – how much value we currently bring, and how much more we could bring? We have so many branches to Blogosphere – could we pull all of that into one easy to access place? Can we all come together?

The answer is yes. 

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  • One issue of Blogosphere magazine (print edition) a year + free digital copy
  • 12 video tutorials (1/month) on vital topics – ie editing, SEO advice, tech equipment
  • Exclusive first access to the new series of Blogosphere: Serious Influence – the podcast all about the business side of the influencer industry
  • 4 webinar panels (1/quarter) with influencers and industry experts
  • 4 interviews with brands/influencer agencies (1/quarter) – specifically on how they work with influencers, budgets, payment
  • Access to the private Blogosphere Community Facebook group
  • Fortnightly newsletter – round-up of influencer industry news
  • First to know when tickets to Blogosphere physical events go live (when physical events return)
  • One free virtual event and 50% off tickets to other virtual events

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Blogosphere Community for?

The Blogosphere Community is for those passionate about the influencer industry. People who want to improve their skills, people who want to learn from influencers, brands and agencies, people who want to connect, people who want to build relationships, people who want to be inspired.