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Blogosphere Creative Day Recap

Our June edition of Blogosphere Creative Day took to the virtual stage. We welcomed four experts to present their skills on incorporating creativity into working life and the day-to-day. 40 avatar guests attended the event contributing to lively discussions, personal guidance and workshops within the presentations.

The day began at 11am with presentations followed by Q&A’s making a steady flow of engagement and reflection until 3pm. For those that gave talks the attendees had the opportunity for q&a along with avatar-to-avatar live chat discussions to ensure all of their questions were answered. 

The day was about improving creativity starting with our mindsets and applying it to all aspects of life. Another use of this virtual experience to get to know our community and share our collective knowledge.

How the day kicked off

Starting with a warm welcome from the Blogosphere team we had an intro presentation by Ruby covering the schedule for the day ahead and a little information about the virtual world. Along with tips and tricks of how to make the most of your avatar!

The Joyful Coach, Sophie Cliff, gave a hugely motivational presentation on, ‘Looking after your mind while running a creative business.’ Teaching each individual how to start showing up for yourself, a practice we all need to be reminded of. Totally inspiring and engaging, we left feeling confident that we could achieve just about anything. 

“How can this be the making of me rather than the breaking” 

To back up her inspiring presentation, attendees received a workbook detailing how to apply her teachings to business and personal life. Laying down the premise for the laws of attraction and the correlation between self care and business success, Sophie delivered an unmissable presentation. 

Audience members gathered in Sophie’s room after her talk to discuss personal advice and share stories that related to the presentation. 

Next up we had a talk from one of the founders of The Creator Union, Nicole Ocran. After an extensive career in social media marketing, Nicole began to notice the lack of diversity, inclusivity and fair pay regulation within the industry. Experiences in her own career lead to the reveal of this gap in our market. Nicole has got our corner, providing support and reassurance as to the value creators should maintain throughout their careers. 

Many inspired audience members took to Nicole’s room giving a real sense of union amongst industry professionals. 

What happened in the afternoon

Elaine Malone from XOmisse opened the afternoon with a presentation on SEO, and explained how to best optimise your content for search engines. We learned techniques from keyword research to the Google algorithm, all part of the essential steps to help make your blog as visible as possible. Learning the skills for improving your SEO is hugely valuable for growing your business in social media marketing, it was great to have the information on how to do this.

Closing the day we had Nicola Millington from FP Comms divulging her knowledge on creative strategy when working with creators. Influencer marketing and social media campaigns go hand-in-hand. Campaigns that use social influencers can be a hugely powerful and successful tool if used correctly. Using the example of Birchbox, Nicola showed the value and effect bloggers can have when they follow a creative strategy to spark business ideas and followings.

Over the course of the day attendees were encouraged to introduce themselves to each other via virtual icebreakers and reflections upon the presentations. 

Guests were free to explore the space and introduce themselves to each others. For all of our virtual events going forward we have a room dedicated to information and education surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The room will act as a source of information for you to educate yourselves on what’s going on. Blogosphere added exclusive memoirs of previous magazine issues and insight into the Blogosphere Network.

This day was inspirational, educational and expanded the growth of our community. The best way to keep up to date with all of our events going forward is to become a community member, with this membership you will get 50% off all virtual events and one free ticket to your first event! We look forward to seeing you in the future.