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A recap of the Blogging Networks Blogosphere event

On 8th July we welcomed the Regional Blogging Community leaders to come and join us in our virtual venue. Each region’s representative shared the event with their communities; bringing together bloggers from all over the nation to meet at a lively networking event. 

Kacie Morgan, who heads up Cardiff Blogs, gave a brilliant talk on her experience in the blogging industry and how the community has aided her to develop her blog. She offered advice and constructive suggestions on how to start a blogging network, how to take it to the next level and how she found the community useful. You can take a look at her slides here.

The day continued with some virtual icebreakers sparking lots of hallway conversations. For some of the attendees it was the first time meeting fellow UK bloggers. A great feature of the virtual world is that it provides access to our events from wherever you are. The day was about connecting with our community in times where it is not physically possible, and sharing our collective knowledge to support our industry’s growth.

Each room was dedicated to a specific Blogging Regional Network, it was great to see the personalities of each region through the style of their logos and blogs.

Guests were free to explore the space leaving plenty of time to introduce themselves to fellow bloggers and swap key social handles. Blogosphere added memoirs of previous magazine issues along with a Black Lives Matter room and places to find further information about the Blogosphere Network and the Blogosphere Community Subscription. 

The best way to keep up to date with all of our events going forward is to become a community member, with this membership you will get 50% off all virtual events and one free ticket to your first event! We look forward to seeing you in the future.