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The Blogosphere Awards 2021

Voting in the shortlist is now closed. Come back in September to find out the winners. Thank you.

What are the Blogosphere Awards?

The Blogosphere Awards are back, and we want YOU to nominate your favourite bloggers, influencers and brands.

Who’s the fashion blogger that inspires you to get creative with your own style? Whose photography has you endlessly scrolling through their Instagram feed? Which brand campaign really caught your attention this year? We want (and need) to know!

Our 2019 event, which was in partnership with TikTok, saw more than 15,000 influencers nominated and the night itself had a social reach of more than 15,000,000. This year, we’re going BIGGER again!

There are TWENTY-EIGHT categories in the awards this year, including The Blogosphere Community award and the Blogosphere influencer of the year award. The winners of each category will be featured in issue 24 of the magazine, with the Blogosphere influencer of the year winner taking the FRONT COVER. Yes, you heard us right, if you win influencer of the year, you’ll be our December issue cover star.

Nominations close on June 1st, the shortlist will be announced in July, voting is open until August 15th and winners will be announced in September.

The rules and frequently asked questions…

Q: What is the difference between influencer and brand categories?

Influencers must be content creators who have a blog, website, podcast, social media platform or YouTube. There are eighteen categories, across a range of genres. They do not have to be based in the UK, our awards are open worldwide. We also have ten brand categories, you can nominate brands based on their work with influencers and how successful their campaigns have been. Please note, in order to for a brand to be nominated for an award, they must provide evidence of the impact of the campaign. This can be in the form of sales figures, engagement on social media (likes, comments, tweets) etc.

Q: What are the categories?

The Influencer categories include Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Parenting, Fitness, Health and Well-Being, Book, Photography, Business, Food, Travel, Instagrammer, TikTok, Vlogger, Blogger, Podcast, Blogosphere Community Member and Blogosphere Influencer.

The Brand categories include Fashion Influencer Brand Campaign, Beauty Influencer Brand Campaign, Lifestyle Influencer Brand Campaign, Parenting Influencer Brand Campaign, Fitness Influencer Brand Campaign, Food Influencer Brand Campaign, Travel Influencer Brand Campaign, Talent Management Company, Influencer Marketing Agency and Influencer Brand Campaign.

Q: How do I nominate my favourite influencers and brands for awards?

You can nominate influencers and brands for each award right here on our website from 8am on May 1st. It is not necessary to nominate influencers and brands for every category, just nominate for the ones you have favourites in. You can nominate yourself for an award. There is no minimum follower requirement to be nominated. Nominations will close on June 1st, so make sure you let us know your favourites before then!

What is the date range for brand campaign nominations?

Campaigns can be nominated that were between May 1st 2020 and May 1st 2021.

Q: How will influencers and brands be shortlisted of each award?

Our editorial team will go through all of the nominations, and put together a shortlist of five nominees for each award. Finalists will be chosen for each award based on a variety of categories (writing style, photography, design and online presence for influencers, diversity, creativity, quality and ROI for brands). Influencers and brands will not be shortlisted based on the number of nominations they have, it will be based on the overall quality of their content.

Q: How will the winners of each award be selected?

The shortlist will be announced in July and will be open to public vote until the end of August. The shortlist will also be voted upon by a panel. For influencers the panel’s decisions will make up 60% of the vote while the public vote will make up 40%. For brands the panel’s decisions will make up 40% of the vote while the public vote will make up 60%.

Q: When and where will the winners of each category be announced?

The winners of each award will be announced during an awards ceremony in Hertfordshire in September. Finalists will be invited to attend and winners will be given their awards during the ceremony. Winners will also be announced on our Twitter profile and later on our website, for anyone unable to attend the ceremony.

Q: What happens if I win an award?

The winners of each award will be interviewed by the Blogosphere editorial team. Each winner will feature in issue 24 of the magazine, with the Blogosphere Influencer of the year winner taking the FRONT COVER. Good luck!

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